12 month atp integrated course

12 month atp integrated course


gain YOUR ATP license IN JUST 12 MONTHS!


Our Fast Track ATP Integrated training program is designed and written by aviation experts from several of Europe's leading airlines and is the fastest and most cost-effective ATP Integrated course around today.  Our ATP INTEGRATED branch in Madrid is the first and only ATO in Europe certified to take you from zero to becoming a fully qualified professional airline pilot in just over 12 months. 


The course is exceptional, and upon completion, you will be fully trained and ready to join an airline as a First Officer and undertake a type-rating course for any specific aircraft you are required to fly when you land a job.


The course is fully English and comprises 205 flying hrs and 800 hrs of classroom training. It includes the Bristol GS approved inter-active video training, slide presentation, progress tests and sample exams. 


We run courses constantly throughout the year starting every two months, so really it’s as simple as signing up and coming along.



winter offer €49,995


The price of this course is €63.000 fully inclusive. If you book ahead and subject to availability, you may be eligible to benefit from our WINTER OFFER for only €49.995. Be advised that we only have a limited number of offers available.


To enroll a 10% booking fee must be paid and the remainder in monthly installments throughout the duration of the course.


Our Madrid branch operates in Cuatro Vientos airport on the west side of Madrid city and is surrounded by residential areas. Accommodation is not included in the fee, however, there are plenty of rooms and apartments for rent nearby at costs varying from €230 to €600 per month fully inclusive (private room, electricity, heating, wifi, use of kitchen, etc). 




.         7th May (2 Winter OFFERS remaining)

.         2nd July (4 Winter OFFERS remaining)

.         7th September (5 Winter OFFERS remaining)


No Kickstart OFFERS after September 2018.



Or call/whatsapp us NOw:
admissions uk - Jamie: +44 7508 201 200
admissions spain - francis: +34 665 38 61 73

28-32 Upper Pembroke St

Dublin, Ireland


Tel: +44 7508 201 200

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